To remember our fallen heroes and pay tribute to the achievements and sacrifices of the men and families of 2d Ranger Battalion, a memorial park was built in their honor.  Constructed of granite and stone, inscribed with the names of Rangers who died in combat and training, the memorial is landscaped into a reflective setting–a physical reminder of Ranger selfless service befitting those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Dedicated on November 7, 2012, the memorial lies adjacent to the 2/75 Ranger Headquarters, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.  The design incorporates inlaid stone depicting the 2d Ranger Battalion unit scroll, the World War II era orange diamond 2 unit insignia, and a commando fighting dagger.

A granite obelisk bearing the names of those killed in action and training is found at the tip of the dagger. Six granite pillars each etched with a stanza of the Ranger Creed serves as vertical backdrop to the memorial.  Stone walkways leading into each wing of the memorial are etched with the names of friends and supporters of the battalion. Two entry archways and three courtyard archways (representing Rangers of the WWII era and the contributions of Korea and Vietnam Rangers)  serve as a continuous reminder of our Ranger heritage and provide a fitting remembrance of those that selflessly and valiantly sacrificed.